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How to arrive

cIn het noorden van Portugal te krijgen en daarna de Bovenloop Basto, kunt u de auto zelf te gebruiken, degene die de klappen bijna allemaal gemaakt via de snelweg. De afstand tussen Portugal en Nederland zijn ongeveer 2000 km. Als u genieten van lange reizen met de auto, maak uw reservering en beginnen naar het verloren paradijs in de tijd, waar u de boerderij Caínhos vinden.
If on the other hand, does not like long trips , choose to come by plane. The Porto International Airport is just 45 minutes from Quinta de Cainhos , with a wide choice of low cost flights , which makes it the most economical trip. TAP and Transavia has direct flights to Amsterdam and Ryanairc fly to Eindhoven . But other important European destinations are available to land on Portuguese soil.
If you want to travel and see the important sights in the north of Portugal , you can also rent a car in combination with the flight , thus having greater mobility in the region.
Prepare everything with time to enjoy the best prices of the market and head towards Portugal for a comfortable holiday on a farm surrounded by nature, well preserved , with olive trees , cork oaks and chestnut trees, where you have chance to enjoy complete tranquility in the environment.